I here proudly present you all the books I made since I started in 2009.I love the work so much, especially to showcase all these amazing fishing communities who ensure next generations to enjoy seafood optimally.all recipes I make are based on my experiences in the various kitchens I worked at, the chefs I worked with, my travels to fantastic culinary destinations and cooking and eating with local fishermen.


Published in the netherlands as ‘vis uit blik 2’ in 2019 by kosmos uitgevers
Published in the usa, canada, uk and australia in 2020 by the experiment new york
Photography: david loftus

Best book of the month May”

“Bart van olphen elevates canned tuna to the heights of deliciousness”

QUOTE FROM THE PUBLISHER: ‘What ingredient is delicious, sustainable, easy to store, and adds protein and healthy fats to any dish? Why, it’s tinned fish of course! Whether you’re a seafood lover or a home cook craving something new, The Tinned Fish Cookbook is for you. Sustainable fishing advocate Bart van Olphen shines a light on the superstar of potential of canned tuna, salmon, anchovies, and more, with recipes that are ready in a jiff. Here are hearty mains from Tuna Lasagna to Mackerel and Potato Frittata, fresh salads like the classic Nicoise and crisp Crab and Fennel Watercress Salad, and creative takes on normally less-fishy fare, such as Anchovy Dumplings, Salmon Pizza, and Quinoa Tabbouleh with Sardines. The possibilities are endless – and the photos by David Loftus irresistible. What’s more, Bart dives into the wonders of modern fishing and canning, helping you recognize eco-friendly fish, so you can enjoy your ocean-to-plate meal with confidence. There’s more to tinned fish than ever before!’


Published in the netherlands in 2016 by uitgeverij carrera
Published in the usa, canada, uk and australia in 2018 by pavilion
Published in germany as ‘frisch gefischt’ in 2018 by christian verlag published in china in 2019 by hustp
Extra publication: vis voor elke dag (bart’s fish tales recipes without the stories)
Photography: david loftus

“The recipes in this book are inspired by many, many countries around the world,
and as delicious as beautiful as Bart’s food is, it’s also simple and accessible for the everyday cook.”

QUOTE FROM THE PUBLISHER: ‘In this unique and comprehensive cookbook, Bart van Olphen recounts his remarkable journey around the world’s most sustainable fishing communities. From cod to clams, samphire to salmon, Bart covers everything from a simple supper to a celebratory feast in more than 100 recipes from all over the world. Featuring stunning photography from renowned photographer David Loftus, this is more than just a Cookbook. Bart’s Fish Tales serves as both a guide to fish across the globe, telling the personal stories of the people behind the fisheries, and a compilation of the recipes that make the most of responsibly sources fish for everyday meals and special occasions; now and for the future.’


Published in the netherlands in 2017 by kosmos uitgevers
Photography: david loftus

QUOTE FROM THE PUBLISHER: ‘This salty delicacy has many culinary options. From mussel tartar to Paella. From salad to snacks and fingerfood. Taste Bart van Olphen dishes with sustainably caught mussels: irresistible. For this book, he collaborated intensively with the Zeeland growers affiliated with the Zeker Zeeuws label of origin: mussels guaranteed from seed to consumption mussel grown in the Oosterschelde.’


Published in the netherlands as ‘koken met vis uit blik’ in 2014 by kosmos uitgevers
Published in the usa, canada, uk and australia in 2016 by pavilion (weldon owen & harper collins)
Published in germany as ‘frisch aus der dose’ in 2016 by umschau verlag
Photography: jaap van rijn

QUOTE FROM THE PUBLISHER: ‘Tinned fish is delicious, sustainable, and just as good as fresh! Combining the best ingredients, brilliant recipes and top tricks and tips, Bart van Olphen demonstrates the versatility of cooking with the ultimate store cupboard staple. Straight from the pantry and into the pan, discover Bart’s tasty take on tinned tuna, salmon, mackerel, mussel’s and more. From simple soups and sauces to sandwiches and wholesome meals, get inspired and enjoy fish together.’


Published in the Netherlands in 2014 by uitgeverij Carrera
Published as ‘visbijbel’ from the second print.
Photography: Daniel Patriasz

QUOTE FROM THE PUBLISHER: ‘With clear instructions and clear photos you will learn step by step all the main basic techniques for cleaning and preparing fish, shellfish and crustaceans: from cutting cod cheeks, opening oysters and filleting flatfish to grilling tuna steak, baking squid and smoking fish. The basic preparations are larded with practical finger references, classic sauces and traditional fish recipes from Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands. In addition to an informative reference book of the common fish species on the European fish market, this book offers all kinds of tips that make making a sustainable choice easier.’


Published in the netherlands as ‘het nederlands viskookboek’ in 2011 by uitgeverij carrera
Photography: jaap van rijn

QUOTE FROM THE PUBLISHER: ‘Bart van Olphen tells the story behind tasty and responsibly caught Dutch fish. He fishes with sea bass fishermen in the North Sea, cook’s mussels in Oosterschelde water, makes shrimp soup in the Waddenzee, organizes a dinner party in the oyster pits of Yerseke, smokes IJsselmeer-bream in Hindeloopen and dives into the kitchen with chef Alain Caron for his famous sole with two sauces. The Dutch Fish Cookbook is a total experience of the Dutch sea, fishermen and fish.’


Co-written by tom kime
Published in the netherlands as ‘het fishes kookboek’ in 2009 by fontaine uitgevers
Published in the usa, canada, uk and australia in 2010 by kyle cathie ltd.
Photographers: simon wheeler, leonard fäustle, chris arend

NOTE FROM THE PUBLISHER: ‘From wild salmon in the Yukon River in Alaska, to clams harvested from the vast sand flats of the Mekong Delta in South Vietnam, this book tells the stories of beautiful fish caught at sustainable fisheries, the fishermen that work there and their ocean-friendly fishing methods. Told in the voices of Bart van Olphen and Tom Kime who travelled the world visiting MSC-certified fisheries, and fisheries under assessment, it’s an eye-opening account of the realities of life at sea, the struggle against the elements and the battle against over-fishing and declining fish stocks. Each chapter focuses on a fishery and a fish, from South African hake in Cape Town to English Dover sole in Hastings, illustrated with evocative photographs of fishermen at work on the rolling waves.’


Publish on assignment for albert heijn supermarkets
Published in the netherlands in 2016 by b-art media
Photographer: saskia lelieveld